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Kitchen remodel

I have been working on a custom kitchen for the past few months. I am finally getting around to posting some images. The doors pictured below are a custom stainless farm sink. The pantry consists of four separate cabinets. They are 15″ deep inside 24″ wide by eight feet tall. The customer wanted some display space so I inserted glass into the center cabinets which will be fitted with glass shelves and a random color dim able led light system. All base cabinets have been installed and I am currently waiting on the granite counter tops to be fabricated.

Farm Sink Doors




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Welcome to Custom Woodwork By Fred

I am a local woodworker located in the Bradenton Florida area. I have over 30 years experience in home remodeling, cabinetry and furniture making. My website showcases a fraction of my work and I invite you to take a look.

My furniture pieces are primarily fabricated from reclaimed lumber. I can see the potential for what this would can become and my pieces are designed around the pieces based on how much is available. I also use new lumber depending on the project. I also use the scraps to make custom cutting boards, picture frames and more. I try to use everything even the sawdust.

I manufacture custom cabinetry in wood and laminate and also fabricate laminate counter-tops.

I make furniture and cabinetry for residential and commercial customers.

Please click on images for a larger image.

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