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Shop Update

I’ve added some pictures and information. Visit “The Shop” to see where I create my pieces.


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Shop Photos

I have been busy working on upgrading the shop for the last few months. I am currently making a shaker style work bench and will be posting pictures in the next few days. I currently have the top in 3 slabs of a combination of hard maple and cherry. It will be similar to the one pictured here.

I’m modifying this design to suit my needs as any woodworker would tell you.  I’m planning on using  round dog holes in the work top with an end vise. I’m not sure if I will be using a front vise or leg vise. I like the addition of the dead-man and I can see that this will be a useful addition to my bench. The top I am making is over 30″ deep and it will be just over 76″ long with the end vise. The top is close to 4″ thick and will have a 2″x6″ cherry and maple skirt. This will be a very heavy stable bench.

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