Hmmm….To start…..Wow where to begin. First I am a woodworker located in Bradenton Florida. This is my passion not my full time profession. I am a Master A.S.E. certified automotive technician. This is what keeps the lights on. As for my passion….I like any type of woodwork and in a perfect world this would be my vocation.

The long and short of it is that I have a creative spirit and wood has become my medium. Starting more out of necessity more then desire I have acquired a strong desire to create furniture. My website showcases some but not all pieces that I have created. My pieces have mostly been created from re-claimed wood that has been destined to the land-fill. In current terms this would be considered “green”. This term was not used when I started building furniture. I was fortunate enough to locate wood by accident mostly in the beginning. Now after nearly 30 years I have a great appreciation for not only the beauty of wood but how something old can be transformed into something new and I seek out this material.

My website demonstrates some of the uses I have found for these reclaimed materials.

I hope you enjoyed your visit here and I hope that you will visit my site. Thanks for reading



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