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Recently I was commissioned to make a pair or railings for a Pirate Ship. It’s actually a converted school bus that is used for special events. The railings were required for DOT purposes. I was given a 2 week notice. Enjoying a challenge I agreed with no promises. I used 2×10 cutting them into 1/8″ strips and laminating them to create the curve at the bow.  The railings measured around 12′ long when completed.

I recently was given the pictures after the install which was completed by the customer. I didn’t get to see the railings installed until several weeks after they were delivered. My wife and I happened to be downtown for St Patrick’s day and I saw them for the first time. I was very happy to see that they fit perfectly and met the DOT requirement. I only made the upper forward railings. I matched the style to the existing lower railings.


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