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New Host

Well I finally decided to get my domain name. I will be relocating everything to my new server. There will be a learning curve so please bear with me on broken links and who knows what else.

Visit my website or follow my projects on my blog. A gallery is in the works.


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Rough stock

Well I have started a new project. I am making a large wall hung display case. The cabinet will be 83″ wide by 66″ tall by 8 3/4″ including the glass doors. I have been commissioned to make this case to display a gun collection.

I am making this out of poplar and mdf as it will be a painted cabinet to match the bar it will be hung behind.

I am using a new to me mitered glue joint router bit and I am very happy with the results so far. I list this bit in the scary department. When a router bit is large and spinning the noise can be un-nerving. This is not the largest bit in my collection. However when working in new territory it’s better to be a bit nervous.

I use a fence with anti-kickback guides on both the top and front side to keep the material straight and true through the bit and it produces a very clean ready for glue surface for quick assembly. When glued and clamped it pruduce a very tight joint with no visible line at the tip. The following pictures show how my assembly has turned out so far.

This is where I’m at so far. The panels are assembled for the sides. I pre-primed the raised MDF panels prior to assembly as they absorb  the primer on the edges. The color will be a satin black similar to a wine cabinet I made a few years back.

I will be posting more updates as I progress on this project

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Kitchen remodel

I have been working on a custom kitchen for the past few months. I am finally getting around to posting some images. The doors pictured below are a custom stainless farm sink. The pantry consists of four separate cabinets. They are 15″ deep inside 24″ wide by eight feet tall. The customer wanted some display space so I inserted glass into the center cabinets which will be fitted with glass shelves and a random color dim able led light system. All base cabinets have been installed and I am currently waiting on the granite counter tops to be fabricated.

Farm Sink Doors



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One of the projects I have been working on is a custom kitchen. In the pantry is a hidden bar sink the customer requested. It has an under-mount stainless sink. I made the counter top from reclaimed Mahogany.The top is 1 1/4″ thick with a 4″ skirt. I have started the process of finishing. This is the time consuming part. I have applied the first coat of clear poly. I will be adding several coats until the surface is completely smooth and glossy. Typically this is about 5 coats but I am probably going to use 8 or more to achieve a good durable water tight finish.

Final cut and sanding

Test fit of sink

Top assembly

Sink cutout

First coat of finish.

First coat

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